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Don't Neglect Your Contact Page

It might be your only chance to make a connection

The “Contact” page might be one of the most visited pages on your website.

telephone operatorIf people can't find what they're looking for on your site, they may try to get in touch.

If you don't make that easy for them, you risk losing opportunities and possibly sales.

Nine Tips for an Effective Contact Page

  1. Include all forms of contact
  2. Keep the page simple
  3. Make it easy to find
  4. Use simple contact forms
  5. Make contact available everywhere
  6. Make the page friendly
  7. Be consistent with your design
  8. Use clear action buttons
  9. Make it fun

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1 Include All Forms of Contact

There may be many ways to get in touch with you, your company, or your organization: email, phone, text message, postal mail, live chat, web contact form, social media, etc.

Make sure to include all the possible ways on your Contact page.

And make sure to respond quickly when someone contacts you. If possible, show the typical response time for each contact method so set expectations.

2 Keep the Page Simple and Uncluttered

Your Contact page is not the place to get fancy or to include a lot of information. The page should be simple and contain only the necessary contact info.

Ideally, everything will be “above the fold” (meaning visitors can see it without having to scroll).

Make sure the information is easy to view on mobile devices, too.

3 Make the Page Easy to Find

magnifying glassThis seems obvious but you'd be surprised at how many websites practically hide their contact page!

You should include a prominent “Contact” link in the main navigation menu and in your page footers. (You can use the phrase “Contact Us” or “Get in Touch” or whatever you prefer.)

Many web users look for the link near the end of the navigation menu (right side for horizontal menus and bottom for vertical menus.)

4 Simplify Contact Forms

A web-based contact form can collect information and help direct queries to the right place.

But keep the number of fields to the bare minimum.

The more fields you make people fill out, the less likely they'll be to submit the form, which is not the outcome you want.

5 Don't Limit Contact to a Single Page

In addition to showing a link in your main navigation and page footers, include it throughout your website where it makes sense.

Make sure that visitors can contact you within one click from any page on your site.

6 Make it Friendly

friendlyYou want your visitors to get in touch, so make them feel welcomed to do so.

Don't use your Contact page to pitch anything or to try to make a sale.

7 Be Consistent with Your Design

Make sure your Contact page looks like the rest of your website.

If you embed a contact form from a 3rd-party provider, have your web developer “style” the form so it matches the style of your website.

8 Use Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

Make it visually obvious how people can get in touch. Big, bold call-to-action buttons can be more effective than plain text links.

Contact UsIf you have a preferred method (for example email versus phone), make sure that method's button is more prominent than the others.

And make sure to have a “catch-all” way for people to contact you if they're not sure which way is best.

9 Make it Fun

dogIf appropriate for your company or organization, make your Contact page fun so people feel more comfortable getting in touch.

Some websites include photos of employees' pets, a company mascot, or just some whimsical image to lighten the page.

Make sure the language on the page is light and friendly.


If you check your website usage analytics data, you might find your Contact page to be more heavily visited than you thought.

So it's important to make that page effective and useful for visitors. Making it easy for them to contact you benefits you as much as it benefits them.

How Does Your Contact Page Look?

Get in touch and let us know!

We'd like to feature some really good Contact pages in a future article.

Do you need help with your Contact page? Let us know and we'll set up a quick 15-minute consultation (free and without obligation).