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Business website Guidelines

There's a lot that goes into building a great website for a business. So we put together this list of useful resources.

Some of these articles are short and some are long and detailed, but they all provide really good information every website owner should know about.

  Complete Guide to Small Business Website Design — This guide talks about “small business” website design, but it really applies to businesses of any size. It's well-written, well-organized, and covers everything you need to know. Highly recommended starting point.

  15 Tips for A Better Business Website — This isn't as detailed or comprehensive as the previous guide, but still hits the major goals. It talks about the importance of having a mobile responsive site, using clear calls-to-action, and optimizing the site for fast loading.

  10 Web Design Tips for Business Owners — If the 15 tips in the previous resource weren't enough for you, here are 10 more! While some are similar tips, there are some new ones. And sometimes a different way of explaining things is helpful. This is also a much shorter read than the resources above.

  How to Build a Business Website in 8 Easy Steps — This is a good overview of two options to build business websites: Site builders (like Squarespace or Wix) and content management systems (like WordPress). The third option (not mentioned) was hiring a web design company (like us - Radiant Webscapes!). However, there are times when the other options make more sense (and we turn clients away).

  13 Must-have Small Business Website Pages — This article doesn't explain how to build a website but focuses instead on the critical pages all business websites should have. Some of these will be obvious, but some might be surprising.

Which of these tips did you find surprising? Do any of your competitors' site lack some of the critical pages?

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