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Web Copywriting Resources

Do you want to improve engagement with your website visitors and get them to take action instead of just clicking away?

Here are some helpful resources our team uses to write better copy that we want to share with you…

  Fundamentals of Web Copywriting – This is a great guide for website owners and beginners who want to keep their visitors engaged and taking desired actions. The guide is (as you’d hope) well-written, easy to digest, and actionable. It’s from Backlinko, one of the first companies to promote search engine optimization and web traffic generation techniques.

  13 Best website Copywriting Tips – A comprehensive and organized article that does a great job explaining the what, how, and why of web copywriting. This will help anyone (even without good writing skills) put together great content for their website. I found the tip about search engine optimization particularly useful.

  Complete Guide to website Copywriting – Jacob McMillen is a high-performing copywriter who created this complete and detailed guide. Not only does he explain the specific steps to take but he provides free templates for the most important pages on your website.

  101 Examples of Effective Calls-to-Action – This PDF eBook gets into the nitty-gritty of how to get your website visitors to take action, whether that’s making a purchase, asking for more info, getting in touch, requesting a quote, making a donation, etc. A key insight for me was to not be afraid of using very bold CTA buttons.

BONUS: Complete Copywriting Tutorial – Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko (see first resource above) put together this 14 minute YouTube video to show you his copywriting tutorial. It’s targeted at anyone wanting to improve their website and is fun to watch!

Have you thought about (or worked on) improving the content on your website? What’s the best thing that’s worked for you? What’s the most frustrating part?

Let Us Know!